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Ace and Torsten (A'N'T) have earned a lot of success and quite a following in Germany and Europe!

They have formed, and currently play in many bands, including: CORNAMUSA, ROCK TIGERS, Minaton and Bross Since Years.

It's such an awesome experience to see these two crazy guys rocking it with their 2 acoustic guitars and their amazing bagpipe sounds..well sometimes even a funny trumpet!

It's not just their music that is so divesified, but they involve everyone who is there to see them live on stage.

Their concerts just become one, big rock show family.

Get ready for a kick ass show, because once Ace & Torsten hit the stage.. they're gonna blow the roof off!

Ace Griffin

Instrument: Guitar, Vocals

Date of birth: October 04.

Musical influences: Rock, Blues, Progressive rock to Bulgarian folk

Ace Griffin began his musical career at the Age of 14.

In the beginning of the 90's Ace left its hometown Sofia in Bulgaria and went to Germany . His highspeed attacks on the guitar spoke themselves very soon.

After joining different projects of the harder music such as MINATON or MERCYLESS SIN, he was obligated with the band BROSS.

Further projects and Studiojobs such as The worXX, SMITT, ZgW, Great Jokers... supplemented from now on the life of the full-time-job-musician.

Since December 2004 he plays with Cornamusa as a Lead guitarrist. Music plays also privately a Huge role, besides his employs with Web Design and Painting.

Torsten Bähring

Instrument: Vocals, Bagpipes, Guitars, Keyboards

Date of birth: August 26.


Favourite Bands: Korn, System OF A down, Kid Rock

Musical influences: Rock, Irish Folk

Torsten plays the Bagpipe "Dudellfred" and keyboards.

In addition he sings passionately and play also guitar and horn.

In his childhood he played horn in a marchingband and learned later how to play guitar, bagpipes and piano.

He is one of the founder members of the bands “Cornamusa” and “Rock Tigers”. © 2021| Impressum